The price of the second auction of the French Capacity Mechanism for the year 2023 has been fixed

The second EPEX SPOT auction of the Capacity Mechanism for the delivery year 2023 has been fixed at the price of 42 487€/MW on April 28th, 2022. 


 The stability of high level prices is not surprising regarding the critical alertness level anticipated by RTE for the next winter due to an historical low nuclear production and a tense geopolitical context. The evolution of these 2 factors will influence the next auctions, but with a reference at 42k€, it is very likely to notice even higher prices than during the previous year in the end, explains Adrien Doré, France Country Manager at Flexcity


These financial signals are opportunities of additional revenues for all consumers who whish to implement a flexibility process and participate in the energy transition.

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