Who are we?

“We create value for thousands of electric consumers and producers by optimizing their electric flexibility. We provide reliable services to the electricity system to ensure the security of supply and facilitate the integration of renewables.”

We support sites with electricity consuming or producing assets to derive new revenue streams from them through our electric flexibility services in order to be actors of the energy transition. As a flexibility aggregator and a Veolia subsidiary, Flexcity gathers numerous partners throughout different countries. 


present in Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands

> 1 GW of flexible power

equivalent to a nuclear power plant

> 10 000 sites valorized

including electric installations from 2 kW to 120 MW

Flexcity is a market leader in electric flexibility in Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands, and develops itself in new countries. Thanks to our expertise in smart services of energy efficiency, we valorize the electric installations of our partners and we optimize their process. We create new revenue streams for them, while making them support the power grid.


Duration: 2mn50

Flexcity identity



We guarantee full transparency by providing you with our calculation formulas as well as regular reports on your performance and activations.

Integration into the Veolia Group

Pioneer in the market since 2013 and integrated into the Veolia Group since 2019, Flexcity benefits from an European and international network.


Flexcity is positioned as a technological leader in flexible process modeling, IoT and intelligent algorithms with a dedicated R&D team. 


Priority to your business

By integrating the operational constraints of your sites into our algorithms, we ensure activations that have the least impact on your business.


They trust us



Since 2019, Flexcity has optimized the electric flexibility of Aquiris, the biggest Belgian wastewater treatment plant.

The wastewater treatment plant, Aquiris, uses different electrical installations to ensure its activities. By teaming up with Flexcity, Aquiris has valorized these installations.


Learn more about Flexcity projects with Aquiris



Flexcity valorizes Orange batteries to secure the French power grid in peak hours.

Since 2017, Orange uses Flexcity platform to monetize its backup batteries thanks to French services of Demand Response (DR) by connecting its assets and utilizing them with smart algorithms of Flexcity.



Learn more about our partnership with Orange

Beneo Orafti


Beneo Orafti puts its trust in Flexcity to valorize its turbine.

The Oreye site of Beneo Orafti has decided to participate in the new Belgian aFRR market thanks to Flexcity's expertise. While creating a new revenue stream, the participation of this site from the food industry respects the operational process to not disrupt its chore activities.


Learn more about our partnership with Beneo Orafti

You want to valorize your electric flexibility?

Certifications and memberships

Certified by ELIA

BSP (Balancing Service Provider)

BRP (Balancing Responsible Party)

Certified by RTE

Balancing actor, Holder of an Agreement to participate in Réserves Rapides et Complémentaires, Responsible for Programmation, for Balancing, of Reserve for participation in System Services and for Perimeter of Certification, Demand Response qualified for the profile

Certified by TenneT

BSP (Balance Service Provider)


Balancing supplier

Member of SmartEn

Member of Cogen Vlaanderen

Member of Wallonia Clusters