Your questions on electric flexibility


Does my asset have a potential of electric flexibility?

Your asset has a flexible potential if: 

  • Your asset consumes or produces electricity;
  • Its installed power is equal or above 1MW;
  • It can adjust its electric power upon request;

Don't hesitate to contact us to valorize your electric flexibility.

Do I have to always offer my flexible power to Flexcity?

No, it is not mandatory. Flexcity offers your power to TSOs according to your availability. 

What happens if I can't deliver my flexible power although it was expected?

There are two kinds of unavailability:

  1. Foreseen unavailabilities (ie. maintenance) - you have to inform Flexcity in advance and your flexible power won't be offered to the market.
  2. Unforeseen unavailabilities (ie. outages) - since your power is already reserved by the TSO, Flexcity will seek to replace this power through its portfolio or deals on the energy market. If replacing your power is not possible, Flexcity and your site are exposed to corrections from the TSO since the promised power is not available anymore. These corrections create no financial deficit on a yearly basis.

Can I face financial loss through my participation in electric flexibility services?

Flexcity engages itself contractually to not create financial losses on a yearly basis.

Electric flexibility should be considered as a bonus from your chore activities. 

Do I still manage my asset myself?

Yes, your activity is our priority. You can still monitor your asset, even during an activation if an unforeseen event happens.

What are the installation costs of electric flexibility?

In most cases, the implementation of electric flexibility doesn't cost anything.

Flexcity adds your site on its online platform and installs a box, the Flexcity Box, on your site.

How do I contribute to energy transition by valorizing my electric flexibility?

By ensuring the integration of renewables into national energy mixes and creating the power grid of tomorrow, you contribute to energy transition.

What are the steps to valorize my electric flexibility?

What are the documents that I can prepare before meeting Flexcity?

Flexcity will always need your production or consumption data (in kW or MW) of your potential flexible asset and/or your site, from the previous and current year, in quarter of an hour (ideally) or in hour. 

Contact us and mention the country of your site.

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