Why valorizing your electric flexibility?

Discover and use your electric flexibility with Flexcity


The development of intermittent renewables or the growth of electrical vehicles are as many challenges to ensure the balancing of the power grid. Whether they are electricity producers or consumers, industrial and tertiary sites have an active role to play in this energy transition.


Flexcity proposes solutions to valorize electric flexibility of thousands of consuming and producing sites, meaning the capacity to punctually modulate upwards or downwards electricity consumption and production. This capacity of modulation enables to offset imbalances of the power grids during peak periods (due to cold spells for instance) or during excess of electricity on the grid (too much solar/wind energy for instance). 



  • In case of electricity excess on the grid, it is asked to reduce production or increase consumption.


  • In case of electric lack on the grid, it is asked to increase production or decrease consumption.


A new revenue stream to develop projects

As a flexibility aggregator, Flexcity valorizes your flexible potential and creates a new revenue stream for industrial and tertiary sites, reducing global costs of energy supply altogether.

You are mainly remunerated for proposing the availability of your flexible power (availability remuneration) but also for using this power to balance the grid (activation remuneration). This last remuneration includes your operating costs caused by the modulation of your power.

The amount of your remuneration depends on the volumes of your flexible power and its availability. For instance, an asset receives more remuneration if it makes available several flexible MWs during all the year to participate in electric flexibility services.


Ask a (non-engaging) analysis of your electric flexibility and its consequent potential remunerations:


Contribute to the supply security of the power grid

By participating in electric flexibility services, you bring supplementary security to your power grid. You become a new source of balancing on which the grid can count on in case of imbalances. 

Power grids currently face numerous challenges to diversify their energy mix by the integration of renewables and to decrease polluting energy productions. Ensuring energy transition partly weakens the security of electric supply due to the intermittency of renewables.

By ensuring this flexible power to the power grid in case of need, you will partly become a guarantor of its security as well.


You participate in the power grids of tomorrow and play a civic role for your community.


Improve your environmental impact

Participez à la transition

By modifying your electricity consumption or production, you offset the intermittent nature of renewables and you make it possible to integrate more of them into the energy mix. Without electric flexibility, the increase of the renewables share would cause a stronger use of thermal power plants (often very carbonate) and even sometimes the building of new power plants in order to offset the intermittency of renewables.


By leveraging the electric flexibility of your installations, you actively participate in energy transition.


You would like to determine the potential of your electric flexibility?