About Flexcity

Flexcity is a uniquely positioned energy technology company in the Internet of Energy. It is a leading demand response aggregator in the France Benelux region and rapidly growing and expanding to new regions. Flexcity’s core activity consists of supporting to balance the power grid through the operation and automated control of a large portfolio of flexible assets.

The portfolio of Flexcity is constituted of a large diversity of technologies such as batteries, distributed generation and large industrial processes. Flexcity is even capable of integrating renewable energy sources in their portfolio and providing new potential revenue streams to emerging technologies. 

As a provider of smart energy management platform services based on innovative Smart Grid technology, its applications focus on demand optimization and management. These services include Demand Response, Load Shifting in a Smart Grid context. Flexcity supports industrial companies to reduce electricity costs by providing demand-side management services based on innovative optimization and modelling software applications.

Flexcity is really at the cutting edge of energy innovation.


Flexcity brings intelligence into the energy system to drive the energy transition.


As a member of the team, you will contribute to a sustainable low carbon energy sector. You will also get in touch with several innovative and state-of-the art technologies such as Internet of Things, machine learning and blockchain.