About Flexcity

Flexcity is one of the principal aggregators of flexibility in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Flexcity also reinforces its activities in countries such as Italy. Using its expertise in the Internet of Energy (IoE), its core activity consists in supporting the balance of power grid through operation and automated control of a large portfolio of flexible assets.  


Flexcity’s portfolio is constituted of a large diversity of technologies such as batteries, distributed generation and large industrial processes. Flexcity is even capable of integrating renewable energy sources in their portfolio and providing new potential revenue streams to emerging technologies. 

As a provider of smart energy management platform services based on innovative Smart Grid technology, its applications focus on demand optimization and management. These services include Demand Response and Load Shifting in a Smart Grid context. Flexcity supports its partnerships to reduce electricity costs thanks to its services while making them actors of the energy transition. 

Flexcity is really at the cutting edge of energy innovation.


Flexcity brings intelligence into the energy system to drive the energy transition.

4 good reasons to join us! 

  1. You are at the cutting edge of the energy innovation. Take on the challenges in a continuously renewed sector by the evolutions of its services, its technologies and the specificities of its needs. 
  2. Use your skills for the sustainable development. Contribute to sustainable development while working with us: 
    • Give a new role to our partners, the role of supporting the national and European electrical grid;
    • Create a new source of wealth; 
    • Foster the renewable integration into the energy mix while ensuring and securing the supply.
  3. Work in an international companies. Use our European presence to live an international experience and participate in the geographic development of our activities!
  4. Benefit from evolving in a dynamic environment with the support of a big group. Join a flexibility aggregator with an entrepreneurial dynamic within the group Veolia. 



Evolving within Flexcity and Veolia means you'll become a “resourcer”:

We are open to the world and to others. We know how to unite and mobilize to ensure the success of our projects.

We see the world as it should be and not just as it is. We design innovative solutions where others see problems.

We keep on searching until we find! We like to always go further. Opening. Reinventing. Trying new things