Discover the imbalance optimization in the Netherlands

Flexcity proposes to share its expertise for sites exposed to imbalance prices, in order to expose them to the GOOD ELECTRICITY PRICES AT THE GOOD MOMENTS. It is called imbalance optimization and it enables to mitigate the impact of electricity prices on our partners' activities.

How does it work?


The difficulty of imbalance optimization is the volatility of imbalance prices: they change every 15 minutes and are not known for certain at the moment of the exposure. But thanks to its predictive algorithms based on real-time data, Flexcity can support its partners to optimize their production or consumption when it is interesting for them and mitigate their exposure.


Flexcity automatizes the modulation of your electric power by its Flexcity Box.

Who can participate?

All site (from the industry or services) EXPOSED TO IMBALANCE PRICES.

How does it work?


All assets answering positively to the above mentioned requirements can participate in this service through different ways: 

  1. AT THE MOST ATTRACTIVE MOMENTS FOR YOU. Your electricity production or consumption is modulated depending on the levels of imbalance prices. Flexcity's algorithms determine the moments at which it is relevant to modulate your production or consumption.
  2. WITHOUT TECHNICAL SPECIFICITIES. This modulation doesn't need to comply with any specificities (profiles, period, time). It is done according to the capacities of your installations.

You want to mitigate the impact of imbalance prices on your process?