Find more about our aFRR webinar

In 2020, Belgium has seen major changes in its electricity reserves, especially the secondary reserve (aFRR). Learn more about this aFRR evolution thanks to our webinar! 

Last september, the Belgian TSO Elia has opened its secondary reserve (also called R2 or aFRR) to decentralized production or consumption assets. Until september, aFRR market was reserved for large power plants. The opening of this new market by Elia, designed to improve its reserve's efficiency, represents a new opportunity for actors owning electrical consumption/production assets. 

In order to give you a deep insight of its characteristics and benefices, Flexcity decided to organize a webinar on the topic. 

The main speakers are Arno Motté (Elia) who explain the reasons of this major change, and Lien Van Schepdael (Flexcity) who details the aFRR service and its operational and financial impacts.


(The webinar is in English)

If you want to learn more about the aFRR service, do not hesitate to check Elia website or to contact us directly.