Discover the service CRM in Belgium

Elia, the Belgian TSO, has created a new service since 2021 to offset the nuclear phase-out forecast for 2025: the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM). CRM ensures the availability of new and existing capacities in case of important imbalances on the grid.

How does it work?


One year or four year preceding the delivery year, Flexcity offers your flexible power to the grid. For instance, your electric flexibility is offered in 2022 to Elia but it will be used in 2026 only.


You are informed about your activation the day before. 


A major part of our aFRR and/or mFRR partners also participate in CRM. Participation in aFRR and mFRR has the priority over CRM activations: if there is a need of aFRR at the same time as a CRM need, you will be activated for aFRR but not for CRM.

Who can participate?

1. An EXISTING OR FUTURE asset producing or consuming electricity.

2. An asset which is able to MODULATE ITS POWER during several minutes.

How does it work?


All assets answering positively to the above mentioned requirements can participate in this service through different ways: 

  1. An asset consuming electricity will have to decrease its consumption.
  2. An asset producing electricity will have to increase its production.


You want to participate in CRM with one of your assets?

Why participate in CRM with Flexcity?


Administrative process

Flexcity entirely manages your administrative participation in CRM.

Determination of the bidding strategy

Thanks to long Flexcity's experience in the energy markets, Flexcity is able to ensure optimal remunerations, while minimizing risks.


In case of unavailabilities (i.e. outages), Flexcity finds replacement capacities within its portfolio to offset your power.