Veolia uses the Flexcity platform to monetize its flexible capacity through Demand Response

Veolia uses Flexcity's platform to monetize its flexible capacity through Demand Response

Thanks to Flexcity's expertise in Energy Management and Demand Response, we extract value from our flexibility as an industrial company


Christophe Lepoutre, Vice President Energy and Sub-Contracting Procurement, Veolia

11.34 B€

for revenues in the water sector, and for water supply

100 million

people supplied in water

5.5 billions m3

of water supplied annually

Customer challenge

Improve the efficiency and automated control of pumping stations and reservoirs

Veolia Water is a leading global operator of water services. They provide delegated management of freshwater and wastewater services for municipal and industrial clients by handling every step in the water cycle. Energy consumption is involved during the whole process, from the pumping of water to the treatment process and distribution via the network. Electricity purchase represents an important expenditure for Veolia. More than 80% of it is used for pumping and aeration. Typically, pumping stations pay electricity at a fixed rate, with limited price differences between peak and off-peak hours. However, prices on the electricity market show a much larger variation. This creates opportunities for flexible consumers like Veolia to optimize their large storage capacities (water tanks) and a high number of flexible electrical devices with short activation times (pumps, valves, aerators…)

Encouraged by an increase in water production and environmental challenges, the company chose Flexcity's platform to improve the efficiency of its pumping stations and treatment plants. Flexcity brings its real-time optimization algorithms to model the complex water processes. Electrical devices are remotely controlled, taking into account fluctuating energy prices.

The final operational plan is scheduled to minimize the overall cost of electricity while ensuring that operational limits are never violated. Moreover, Flexcity drives additional revenues for occasional grid balancing, considering real-time price opportunities and reacting to Demand Response requests from the grid operator (TSO).


Operational assistance and estimated gains

ways to unplanned situations. The operational plan is updated automatically respecting process constraints. This provides significant support to on-call operation teams.

The same prediction capabilities, combining with the operational monitoring, can detect failures and mobilize human experts as soon as such issues are detected. This enhances the process and business KPIs. Flexcity brings a strong understanding of information management systems.

This allows seamless integration between the Flexcity solutions for energy process optimization and Veolia’s existing management system, using specific data collection and communication. Flexcity rolled out a highly redundant and secure VPN between Veolia’s server and the Flexicty platform, ensuring a transparent solution.

Finally, Veolia’s water management system is turned into a Smart Water Solution. After validation by Veolia, Flexcity's platform optimizes the operations and benefits from electricity market opportunities and fully integrates Automated Demand-Response to the energy management system so that Demand Response activations neither involve Veolia’s on-site operators nor challenge the global production.


Leveraging the flexibility of the plant

Energy Process Modeling is one of Flexcity’s solutions controlling multiple sites using predictive modeling to determine each site’s optimal load curve. The whole portfolio of sites is then globally optimized, with the sites responding to the commands sent by Flexcity's platform to their local controllers (e.g. local PLCs). This solution is reliable and highly scalable, allowing Flexcity to support Veolia in many countries in their transition to Smart Water management with minimum investments in monitoring and control systems.

Flexcity's solution for Energy Process Optimization and Automated Demand Response offers multiple benefits to Veolia Water:

  • Delivering additional revenues with Automated Demand Response
  • Monitoring smart electricity consumption and detecting abnormalities in the process actively contributing to improved security of electricity supply and CO2 emission reduction
  • Relieving basic workload of operational team, allowing to focus on special issues

Flexcity works together with the industrials to collect data and gain insight regarding operational limits. The industrial process is modeled and if necessary, the station is equipped with meters and communication devices, even if this is a source of CAPEX increase for the project.